Penipuan PRU 13 – Bukti Rakaman BN Beli Undi Dengan RM50 Di DUN Melawati !

PETALING JAYA: Evidence of alleged vote buying during GE13 at the Bukit Melawati state seat has emerged on video sharing site, YouTube.

Bukit Melawati PKR candidate S Manikavasagam has put up a video with audio clips as proof that BN had bribed voters to win over the seat.

There are two portions in the 2:17 minutes clip allegedly featuring Selangor MIC information chief L Sivasubramanian and Bukit Melawati state legislative assembly member Jakiran Jacomah.

In the first, ‘Sivasubramanian’ tells a caller over the telephone that BN provided funds for 80 people but 124 people arrived to collect the cash.

Each of the 80 people received a payment of RM50.

“Jakiran gave the money. Of the 80, we paid 37 people at Teluk Piah polling station. We gave out all the money by 4 pm on polling day,” claimed the person identified as Sivasubramanian.

In the second part, Bukit Melawati state representative Jakiran Jacomah of Umno admitted that RM50 was given out.

“The money was given out to cover costs for petrol. It is nothing,” said Jakiran.

In GE13, Manikavasagam was defeated by Jakiran of Umno with a 806 majority votes. Jakiran polled 7,296 votes to Manikavasagam’s 6490 votes.

Sivasubramanian could not be reached for comments.

Manikavasagam when contacted said the audio clips were given to him by members of the public.

“They feel guilty and have come forward to give me the evidence. This is not the only one. There is another video recording that would be revealed soon,” said Manikavasagam who was formerly Kapar MP.


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