MCA 35th Wanita Assembly Turns ‘Hot’ During Soi Lek’s Sex Scandal Discussion !

A delegate from Pahang, Khiew Yuh Jiuan, claimed that most party members were embarrassed that a top party leader had a “moral problem”.

She also felt that the party’s struggles had failed with regard to the matter which resulted in many members not being able to state their stand on the scandal clearly.

“When we want to express our views, others will attack the party easily by citing the president’s sex scandal. As members, we had to remain silent. Party president (Chua), can your leadership assist in expanding the MCA?” she asked.

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7 thoughts on “MCA 35th Wanita Assembly Turns ‘Hot’ During Soi Lek’s Sex Scandal Discussion !

  1. I don’t like Soi Lek for nepotism and inaction to address APARTHEID, but the sex vid is not his own doing and a breach of privacy. People who use this as a weapon against MCA are being very immature and actually encourage those who breach privacy. This should not be brought up as a political point or in discussing of morality. Breach of privacy is not a moral issue. Soi Lek’s sexual escapades are a PRIVATE matter as much as the rights of the LGBT community or the nudists community or burkha wearing ones.

    Moralistic demoguery on the back of a breach of privacy is an unethical attack by Khiew Yuh Jiuan and a sign of her own inadequacy in the psychological or sexual area and is oppressive to men, especially those with their own reasons to seek sex elsewhere – wives lose that monopoly over fidelity for many reasons, does Khiew know Soi Lek or Mrs.Soi Lek that well to condemn what is a private issue? If anyone is to do any condemning or briging up of the matter, it will be Mrs.Soil Lek and the mistress of the children.

    This is their private affair, Khiew should respect that instead of imposing her slanted prejudices on others or use such matters as political weapons. Very intrusive and uncouth behaviour displayed here. Or political assassination as is obviously the case by Khiew here. If she cannot tell the difference or understand the principle of the matter and act in a respectful manner, she is a worse leader than Soi Leh is.

    In either case, both have NEVER addressed APARTHEID, and even Malay leaders in Pakatan have addressed APARTHEID more strongly. Tok Guru condemned Bumiputra as racist. Nurul questioned article 153. What is Khiew doing? Arguing the case for oppression of the male libido? She belongs in the kitchen in that case, not the podium for her unprincipled attack on Soi Lek’s breach of privacy misfortune.

  2. I don’t understand what this lady (Khiew) is trying to say. Aren’t you, the mca delegates that voted this man with a moral problem to be the MCA President. Why are you toad-heads grumbling about it now. Don’t tell me you MCA idiots did not know that this man had a moral problem, when you replaced Ong Tee Keat with him as the MCA president, who has no known moral problem. These MCA leaders really are morally born-losers!

  3. The good Chinese man takes care of family,society and country,
    Like Tan Siew Sin of MCA,
    Like Lee Lam Thye of DAP,
    Like Lim Guan Eng of Penang,
    The bad Chinese man takes care of his personal desires in 4 ways of life namely Cher,Her,Too,Piaw..Gluttony,Drunkard,Gambling-obsession with dirty sex with dirty women,
    This man eats shark fin ,abalone and bird nest costing thousands ringgit a night.His suppliers treated him in return for business favors.
    This man drink XOs costing thousands of ringgit in the top nightclubs.
    This man bought over the biggest gambling outfit in the country..
    This man exchange in dirty sex with dirty women in a dirty hotel rooms.
    This man is not a good role model for Malaysian Chinese..

  4. The Best President the Malaysian Chinese ever had was ONG TEE KEAT. The CWC got rid of him. Why ??? And in his stead the voted in a man with no moral. How can the chinese now hold their head high. On top of that CSL promoted his son.. This is corruption at it’s height >>> A real Royal corrupt man. Now the PKFZ matter will be closed.

  5. The death tango of a newly wed couple in a banquet from borrowed money.
    There was a very poor family in Sabah.Their eldest son was going to get married next month.The parents wanted to give everybody in Sabah the impression that they are very well to do so that the son can have a successful business career.They borrowed money from everywhere with more lies than truth.They borrowed money from relatives,friends,banks,money lenders and loan sharks.On the wedding day they have 100 tables of the best Chinese food with no Any Pow accepted.Every table had shark fins,bird nest,abalone and XOs.It was a beautiful wedding and everybody tango up and down the hall according to the instructions of the best tango dance instructors,But the joy only lasted 5 hrs and after everybody went home.Everybody pretended to be happy but they all knew that the family was dirt poor.The father and son sold fish balls that the mother made in her kampung house for many years.Nobody is foolish enpough to do business with poor people.
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    In our country do you know of any DEATH tango projects ?????
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