Perak Mb vs MB Case – A Win For Nizar Might Be A Lose For Pakatan?

By Decapucino

On 9 Feb 2010, the federal court will be disposing the judgement over who is the rightful Menteri Besar of Perak.

Speculation is rife that, the five judges who are presiding over who is the rightful MB of Perak case, might rule in favour of Nizar Jamaluddin.

Pakatan MB, Nizar Jamaluddin has confessed that a court ruling in his favor will pave a way for immediate state by-election.  Nizar’s government cannot hold on to power since BN have more state seats in the Perak State Assembly.

According to recent Merdeka Centre Survey,  reveals that, Zambry’s rating has risen compared to when he first indecently disposed Nizar’s government, even though Nizar is more popular generally.  The survey shows that Malay support for pakatan has dropped to 37%.  The Indians support also has dropped.  Nizar is now holding on to a massive chinese support.

There are 24 hot seats in Perak state now.  All these seats are Malay majority seats from rural and sub-urban areas.  These seats were won with less than 10% majority.  12 seats belongs to UMNO while the rest is Pakatan’s.  Rural voters are likely to give UMNO their votes since UMNO was greatly successful in propagating ‘Nizar is the puppet of the Chinese’.

This means, it will be disastrous for Pakatan Rakyat if a state by-election is held. Honestly, there are no alternatives, if a situation where, the Federal Court ruling is in favour of Nizar.  So, will the Federal Court’s ruling bring a negative outcome for the Pakatan Rakyat Coalition?

But, if the Federal court rules in Nizar’s favour, there will be other implications.  According to UIA Law expert, Dr Prof Abdul Aziz Bari, all of Zambry Abdul Kadir’s ( present unrightful Perak MB) decisions made on behalf of the Perak Government will be null and void.  The 2010 state budget presented by Zambry will also be nulled.

But will the Federal court rule in favour of Nizar?  That is what had to be seen at the Federal court tommorrow!



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