Arson Attacks Broadens – Pigheads Thrown Into Mosque Compound

PETALING JAYA: Police will meet with all religious groups here to seek their assistance to cool things down following two incidents, where pig heads were thrown into the compound of a mosque in Taman Dato Harun and Taman Sentosa respectively.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said police would investigate the incidents in Taman Dato Harun and Taman Sentosa thoroughly and bring those responsible to book.

“I have directed that extra patrols be conducted at places of worship throughout the country.

“We will not compromise as far as peace and security is concerned and will do everything within our means to ensure no untoward incident happens. I warn the culprits behind the attacks not to stoke racial tension.

“We will also meet with heads of all religious groups in the district to seek their assistance to cool things down,” he said while appealing for information regarding the two incidents.

Musa added that they have not ruled out the possibility that people behind the two incidents were hired to carry out the acts.

Petaling Jaya Selatan Umno division chairman Raja Datuk Hanipuddin Raja Nong Chik urged residents to be calm and not to take the law in their hands and let the police conduct its investigation.

He had also condemned the conduct of the culprits responsible for the incident.

“I am extremely disappointed by the disrespectful actions of a few Malaysians at places of worship. We must strive for better,” Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said on social media network Twitter.

MCA deputy president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek said such actions were insensitive.

While all political leaders and religious representatives are trying to resolve religious issues, there are irresponsible people trying to stoke the fire, he said.

Gerakan deputy president Datuk Chang Ko Youn said the acts were aimed at disrupting unity and harmony in the country, and called for calm and unity against “mischievous opportunists.”

“We are saddened and disappointed that such an incident took place. We are confident the authorities will act fast to nab the culprits responsible for it,” Chang said in a statement.

The Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism also condemned the attacks and expressed its condolences to its Muslim brethren.

“The latest incidents … demonstrate how sick perpetrators of such acts can be and to what extent they are willing to go to cause hurt and harm to religious communities. Their end is to drive a wedge between religious communities in the country.

“We, who are law-abiding citizens, must not allow them to succeed in their wicked mission,” council president Rev. Dr Thomas Philips said in a statement.

The DAP also condemned the incidents “in the strongest possible terms,” said Tony Pua, the DAP national publicity secretary and Petaling Jaya Utara MP.

He described them “as despicable acts which are not only insensitive to our Muslim brothers, but are clearly an act to incite racial hatred and sentiments in our multiracial and multi-religious society.”

“Ordinary Malaysians of all faiths and creed must not be entrapped by these acts whose motives are clearly to enrage Malaysians into conducting similar tit-for-tat acts to destroy the peace and tolerance in the country,” he said.

Pua also called for the Government to convene an all-parties meeting, including all political parties, religious bodies and civil society organisations, “to unite as one to condemn such attempts to sabotage the future and unity of Malaysians.”

“We call upon the Prime Minister to call for an emergency Parliamentary meeting for all Parliamentarians from across the divide to condemn without reservation the increasing incidence of arson, vandalism and desecration at all places of religious worship including mosques, suraus, churches and temples,” he said.

Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar described the acts as “yet another in a series of attempts to destroy the peace and harmony of our country by certain elements.”

“We must not let them succeed nor must we allow these cowardly actions to frighten us,” she said.

Nurul Izzah also called upon the Government to set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry to further investigate these and the recent spate of arson attacks and vandalism on churches, mosques and even a Sikh house of worship.

“No thinking Malaysian would attack a place of worship. No religion condones such violence and we hope that all men and women of goodwill shall condemn these recent sectarian provocations,” she said.

Seputeh MP Teresa Kok concurred that these acts went against the values of all religions in Malaysia.

“I urge all Malaysians to stay calm and not react violently to this cowardly act. Neither should we retreat into our respective ethnic or religious groups for perceived safety and protection from any perceived ‘external threat.’

“Instead, this is an opportunity for us to rise up in unity to strongly condemn this shameful act and send a strong message that such acts have no place in the Malaysia that we call our home,” she said. –thestar


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