PKFZ Scandal – OC Phang, 2 KDSB Staffs arrest, Real Culprits Tiong King Sing, Others Walk Free!

If Former Port Klang Authority (PKA) general manager Datin Paduka O.C. Phang and two others including a top executive of Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd have been arrested than what about the real culprits behind the whole Skandal?

The Attorney-General’s Chambers is expected haul up Phang and the two others Thursday where they will face at least 15 charges at the Klang Sessions Court.

It is learnt the police and the Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission had conducted a joint investigation into the PKFZ scandal that resulted in them being arrested early Thursday.

It has become a practice in Malaysia when high ranking ministers and political personalities are involved in swindling rakyat’s money, it is always the low ranking officials who will be charged in court.  When Altantunya was murdered, it was two low ranking police personals who was charged and the real culprits walk free.  The Court didn’t even let the names of the real murderers be mentioned during the Altantuya trial!

Why is KDSB’s boss, Datuk Tiong King  Sing not arrested?  IF OC Phang made her bucks from KDSB, then definitely KDSB is the one who paid her.  OC Phang made her money, but it is Datuk Tiong who made a fortune as the PKFZ contractor and from a land deal for PKFZ, all worth billions of RM.  Datuk Tiong is a businessman and politician.  He is MP for Bintulu, Chairman of BN Backbenchers, and Kuala Dimensi Sdn. Bhd’s CEO .  A very big conflict of interest can occur here!

Datuk Tiong claims he had donated RM10 million to MCA through Datuk Ong Tee Keat.  So, Where is the connection between Datuk Tiong’s donations and Transport Minister, Datuk Ong Tee Keat?  PKA and PKFZ is under Datuk Ong Tee Keat.  So, Datuk Tiong definately needs  the cooperation of Ong in KDSB’s interest, that is, Ong’s ministry was overseeing the investigations surrounding the RM12.5 billion PKFZ fiasco..  Ong agreed he had accepted the donation but it seems the donations never reached the MCA treasury!  So, again, why is Datuk Ong Tee Keat not arrested?

Another tricky question here is, KDSB is the turnkey contractor of the Port Klang Free Zone Project and a land purchased by the authorities for the project belongs to KDSB!  Datuk Tiong had bought the said piece of land for RM3 per sq. ft in 1995 and sold to the government at RM25 per sq. ft. for the PKFZ Project.  Did the whole plan for this mega project started before 1995?

Then, what about the forgetful Tun Ling Liong Sik?  He was the Minister in charge of the PKFZ projek at that time.  Tun Ling unlawfully handed out a Letter of Support and Chan Kong Choy handed out three Letter of Guarantee.  They are the ones who landed the country with a 12.5 billion PKFZ Scandal!

Why Did Chief Secretary to the Goverment, Tan Sri Mohd. Sidek Hassan who was given the task of investigating  and bringing the culprits involved in the scandal to justice in 2007,  did not carry out his duty?  Was he obstructed by certain quarters who have vested interest in the whole investigations?

Umno leaders not involved?  How can a mega project of this nature goes out without any involvement by umno leaders.  They are the one who really starts a mega project so that they can make their money.  Well, then, who are the umno leaders involved? 

MACC and the attorney general is only interested in ‘cleaning’ and covering up the real culprits who are the powerfuls in Malaysia.  They did not arrest OC Phang to bring the real perparators to justice but to use the justice system, whereby, the culprits walk free and the whole scandal put to rest at the end of the trial.

This is what happened in the Altantuya case.  Is this a repeat of that case?


3 thoughts on “PKFZ Scandal – OC Phang, 2 KDSB Staffs arrest, Real Culprits Tiong King Sing, Others Walk Free!

  1. Burung Tiong is most suitable to be the next Chief Minister of Sarawak.
    White Hair can steal billions from the people without being touched by the MACC.Then his kaki tangan can invest in him to reap long term benefits.
    Burung Tiong is untouchable. He can take 12.5 billion without being touched.He can give 10 million without being touched.
    The only person who can touch him is his personal assistant and lawyer Ms Lau of Sibu

  2. Cawat politicians are not capable of cheating the people of 12.5 billion ringgit.Cawat people are good in hunting birds with the blowpipe,catching prawns in small dugout fishing boats with hooks and hand made nets. They collect jungle products like rattan and belian ferns with the parang.They practice shifting cultivation and they catch wild boars with the help of dogs from the jungle.They are not capable of going out to the deep sea for catching big quantities of big fishes in a big trawler and or involve in running major con man enterprises.They simply do not have the means and capability of doing such a big and complicated task.
    Look at the following cawat politicians..
    Penghulu Tawi Sli had the position of Chief Minister of Sarawak.When he left he had nothing more than an extra piece of cawat cloth.Leo Moggie had a the position of Federal Minister.When he left he had nothing more than an extra set of golf sticks which is not uscable in the longhouse. Look at Patai Rubis the former Heatln Director and my former boss.When he left he had nothing more than a shaved botak head.Idris Jala has the position of CEO of MAS.When he left he had nothing more than a Datuk title which has no monetary value in his longhouse.Look at Mawan fighting hard for his rights.When he left he will have nothing more than a sack of white bawang from China as a parting gift from china man Tiong King Sing.I never believe that Stephen Abok is capable of cheating 12.5 billion from PKFZ.He simply do not have the means and capability of doing such a big and complicated task.
    I a West Malaysian who have served in Sarawak for 30 years.I am asking all Sarawakian Foochows ” Lakian A pen he lay ching f Mah? Then nen A seng sing “.In English it means ” Can a jungle man cheat so much money? Who will ever believe ? ”
    Yes,Yes,Yes who will trust him in the first place,,

  3. Name: Francis Jew
    Topic: Oh hear the Sibu king sing “I am a sibu king sing.I can announce to the international press that I give black money of 10 million.I can sing about it until Ong Tee Kiat lost his sleep.I can sing until MACC lost their motto and face abot Adilan bagi semua orang.Cos I am Tiong King Sing “

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