What We Really Want From Pakatan Rakyat?

Lately, we heard of so many disgruntles about Pakatan Rakyat — ranging from frogs issues, open bickering, unity government, incompetency, internal component’s party conflicts, stupid politicians, *maverick politicians, etc etc.

Besides expecting Pakatan Rakyat to start addressing those issues, have we ask ourselves, what do we really want from Pakatan Rakyat?

By Tohkong Mosjid

1. If we want a problem free Pakatan Rakyat, we can continue to dream on as nothing is perfect in this world.

2. If we want Pakatan Rakyat to be a strong united coalition straight away after its formation, we can continue to prepare ourselves to face more disappointment as nothing in this world can be strong without making enough mistakes to grow from experience.

3. If we just want Pakatan Rakyat as just a tool to threaten Barisan Nasional — to show them that after 50 years under their governance, finally today we have an alternative to choose from — in hope that it will serve as a warning for them to buck-up and govern our country properly – we should stop hallucinating and classify this mission as a failure after 20 months of trying.

4. If we just want Pakatan Rakyat to replace Barisan Nasional as our federal government without much change and struggle in our daily life, we should stop being naive and immature as a new dawn will not come before we face the darkest day. If we are not ready to face the darkest day together, we will not see a new dawn emerging anytime soon — there’s only going to be longer and darker days ahead for us.

Most Malaysian just knows how to complain about Pakatan Rakyat, but when you ask them, so what do they really want from Pakatan Rakyat, they are usually speechless. The question is why they are speechless? Is it because 1. they do not know what they want, or 2. they know what they want but they are not saying it out because their answer is embarrassing, or 3. they are just being so ignorant about the country’s future?

The truth is, in most Malaysian’s heart, they know but they must also know that the subconscious condition they set for Pakatan is pathetic. Deep down, they want Pakatan Rakyat to kick Barisan Nasional out of the federal government, but Pakatan Rakyat must execute this hope of theirs without affecting their daily life, their income and their current available rights and privileges.

If the execution is going to bring any pains (even the slightest one), they will rather abort the plan and stick with Barisan Nasional instead. Malaysians are just not willing to sacrifice anything for the future – rather they are hoping for the members of DAP, PKR and PAS to do the sacrifices. And this selfish act from Malaysians is what Barisan Nasional’s need to stay in power.

The corruption roots in our Barisan Nasional’s government runs way too deep and far too wide. Every independent institutions that supposed to keep the government from doing the wrong things are already compromised and infiltrated with people with political motives.

Our country is now generally a failed state. It is running on its own, without any check and balance. Every wrong move is covered by another wrong means and justified by some illogical explanations.

We have had enough of this, and that’s why we voted for Pakatan Rakyat. We want Pakatan to help us to stop the rot. We want them to help us to regain the control of our country. We want Pakatan to take back our country for the sake of our next generation.

Yes, Pakatan Rakyat is not perfect yet they are still way better than Barisan Nasional in terms of integrity and bringing justice to the people, and they are fighting a good cause for every Malaysian to stop Barisan Nasional from looting away our children’s money before it is too late. But Pakatan Rakyat cannot stop the rot alone, they need us.

And now, WHEN can we stop being selfish?


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