MCA Crisis Analysis – Are the MCA Leaders fighting for the Malaysian Chinese?

With all the happenings  in MCA since the 12th General assembly, we might ask ourselves, are these MCA leaders really fighting to serve the Malaysian Chinese? Even the most idiot will answer a big “No”!

After the MCA EGM, Party President, Ong Tee Keat and disposed Deputy President at that time, Chua Soi Lek was voted out off MCA by the delegates.  If they had acted on behalf of the MCA members and the Malaysian Chinese in general, they would have said it is time to hang up their gloves.  But, this did not happen.  Instead, Ong and Chua partnered up and said they want unity in MCA.  Don’t forget that Chua was actually fired from MCA by Ong before this! What a weird partnership!

Ong Tee Keat and Chua Soi Lek really knows what will be their luck if they resigned and a new fresh election be held. That will be their last in politics.  This means Ong Tee Keat wll not only lose his MCA post but also his Transport Minister’s post as well!  So, after the MCA EGM, he has to somehow maneuvre back to hold on to his MCA post.  While for Chua,  partnering back with his old foe, Ong,  was the only way he can make  a political come back!

Then comes MCA’s Vice President, Datuk Liow Tiong Lai.  You see, Ong and Chua forgot about Liow when they partnered up.  When Chua was sacked from his deputy post earlier, it was Liow who replaced him.  When Ong and Chua was united, definitely Chua should be reinstated back as the MCA Deputy President.  Malaysian Prime Minister tried to do his bit for MCA.  Earlier, Chua had asked the ROS to reinstate him as the MCA Deputy President. 

PM Najib Tun Razak might have played a role when ROS announced that Chua is the rightful Deputy President of MCA and not Liow.  The announcement was well received by Chua’s former foe, Ong Tee Keat.  Najib might have thought when Chua is reinstated, MCA’s crisis will be over, which will be good for his misleading One Malaysia!  Well, as we all know, Najib is not that brilliant.  When he thought he had solved the problems between Ong’s and Chua’s faction, he forgot about the third faction or the third force! 

When all this happened, Liow found himsef in a gloomy position in MCA.  Liow would have seen his chances to become the next president of MCA, shinning, when MCA’s EGM voted out Ong and Chua.  It was his golden opportunity to lead MCA.  If  Ong and Chua leaves the MCA’s leadership, then who else will lead the party if not Liow, since he is the standing Deputy President!  This means Liow is going to be the biggest loser among the three.  So, Liow started to counter by asking Ong and Chua to respect the decisions made in the MCA EGM and quit MCA which will pave the way for him to lead MCA.

Liow with his allies, Wee Ka Siong, the MCA Youth leader, Chew Mei Fun, the MCA Woman’s leader and his other supporters are staging their bid to recover their lost ground.  It is now, Liow’s faction against Ong and Chua’s united faction, not Chua vs Ong anymore.  How long this scramble to wrest control of the MCA leadership will last, remains to be seen.

But, it is the future of the Malaysian Chinese, that is at stake here.  These power crazy leaders only wants to fulfiil their lust for power.  Everything they do or fight is only for themselves.  In Barisan Nasional politics, power means money!  So, they will fight to their last drop of blood!  I think, it is better for the Malaysian Chinese to stick on with Pakatan Rakyat since their future is very bright there compared with BN.

by Maidoali


2 thoughts on “MCA Crisis Analysis – Are the MCA Leaders fighting for the Malaysian Chinese?

  1. An open letter:
    To: Ong Tee kiat,Chua Soi Lek and Liow Tiong Lai.
    From : Yao Siew Lian
    Gentlemen, please resign from all your posts immediately and fade away quickly and quietly to the background.You have lost the support of majority of Malaysian Chinese.Do not use the letters of the law to probe up your unstable positions.You will still collapse in the end.It will do more harm then good to the Malaysian Chinese people.You should put the interest of the Malaysian Chinese above your personal interests. Like Tan Khoon Swan and Ong Ka Ting.They know the time to stop their political careers.
    The Chinese people have many Associations like coffee shop associations, hawkers association,taxi drivers association,market vendors associations,karaoke owners associations,Hokkien,Cantonist,Teochiew,Hainan associations etc etc etc.All these associations have their Chairman,Presidents and Vice Presidents.They hold the positions because of popular support from the members.When they lost the popular support from the majority of the members they will resign immediately.
    What is the different between Malaysian Chinese Association and all these other chinese associations ?
    MCA is better organized with constitutions.These constitutions is supposed to protect the future of MCA.It is not meant to protect the self intererst of power crazy office bearers.

  2. The chief minister of Sarawak Taib Mahmud is the most corrupted chief minister that ever walked our motherland Malaysia.
    Every Chinese New Year he would visit all the big towkays in Sarawak.He would use his official jet plane to fly up and down the State.All the big towkays have to give him Ang Pows in boxes worth millions of ringgit.After that he would let them commit crimes like stealing timber,smuggling of china goods,china dolls and processing of drugs.He would also let them run illegal 4 digits and football gambling.All the other criminals pay money to this White Hair.During operation kenyalang 20,000 gangsters were caught.He used his influence to get them released.Lee Long dead sentence for kidnapping was canceled.He is laughing as a the whole law enforcement system
    Can the AG tell all of us Why? Why? Why?
    When the big businessman cum chief minister wants to buy over RH Bank and SESCO,he went to all the towkay for advice.They lend him more than USDs 10 billion for him.Is he going to pay back the loan ? No,No, No,
    Ting Pek Khing cut down all the trees in Bakun and sold them overseas.He did not pay the Sarawak State treasury a single cent.That is the way the CM pays back thebig towkays of crime.I let you rap everything in Sarawak

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